The music-noir trio VickiKristinaBarcelona tames the beast with beauty” - Jeff Spevak

VickiKristinaBarcelona is Rachelle Garniez, Amanda Homi and Mamie Minch, a superpower trio of seasoned musicians dedicated to redecorating the songs of Tom Waits via gorgeous vocal harmonies and a treasure trove of instruments including squeezeboxes, an array of exotic percussion and a couple of groovy vintage guitars.  They create a world of sound at once powerful, playful and poignant.  

Seasoned singers and songwriters, each a story-teller and multi-instrumentalist in her own right,  join forces to salute the tragicomic genius of the Waits songbook. Picture the Triplets of Belleville disguised as Depression Era hobos riding the rails across America stopping to play dance parties and funerals along the road to nowhere. 

Three distinct styles form a captivating original mix, greater than the sum of its' parts, never failing to amaze and delight audiences of all stripes.  Collectively, they have worked with artists including Jack White, Jackson Browne, Jane Siberry,  Ray La Montaigne, Thomas Dolby, and Taylor Mac. 

Genre-fluid native New Yorker Rachelle Garniez is known as a certified free spirit. She is at home in many worlds, from busking to theater stages all over the world. Rachelle has released 6 albums; her influences ranging from Tin Pan Alley to klezmer and Latinesque Soul. Her story songs have been described as "romantic, rhapsodic and casually hilarious." (The New York Times)

Globe trotting adventuress Amanda Homi was born in London. Her colorful songs reflect the music of her travels from Carnival in Rio to the rhythms of Bollywood and raucous Gypsy weddings. She was the 2015 Independent Music Awards best story song recipient. "Amanda Homi covers a lot of musical territory in a masterful, yet adventurous enchanting journey" ( Roots Music Report )

Mamie Minch is a longtime staple of New York City's blues scene. Listening to her sing and play is like unpacking a time capsule of American music that's been stored in her 1930's National steel guitar for decades and filtered through a modern femme sensibility.

Gorgeous, soaring harmonies, and quirky, memorable arrangements ... Their totally unique sound was captivating from the first notes”

Gerry Geddes